Animate believes in arts education and the value that it brings to young people 's social, emotional and academic development​. ​

Performance Education provides an amazing learning opportunity, not just for those who have an interest in the practical performing arts... but for anyone wanting a creative way to practice transferable skills

My sessions are bespoke and specific to each topic. I know first-hand that when young people have the opportunity to be active and creative in a kinaesthetic learning environment, they not only develop performing arts skills, but develop emotional intelligence, as well as transferable social and personal skills such as confidence, communication and teamwork. Through my teaching, children see and experience topics coming to life, and gain deeper learning and understanding. Performing arts education puts creativity at the heart of learning, so that children can engage with subjects whilst having fun. Schools that I have both previously and currently worked with see an improvement in children’s concentration, literacy and language skills, as well as improvement in their creative ideas. I am dedicated to meeting the need for creativity in schools by teaching drama and dance education.

Workshop of the Month...

If your school is looking for a fun and creative way to create Anti-Bullying Awareness then Animate has the workshop for you!

Anti- Bullying Drama

Children learn the different types of bullying and explore how these might make people feel. Groups will have an opportunity to enact situations of bullying whilst using their creative skills and empathy to develop alternate situations that promote positive communication and friendship.

"Excellent practical steps to deal with bullying and awareness of difference that and being mean. The workshop was really expressive - it got them active and involved" Mr Soley - Aston Clinton School

"I love the way that you included all the children and kept them captivated. The workshop was great fun but also introduced some important language at a level that the children really understood. One child in my class who normally finds it difficult to focus for more than 10 minutes at a time was fully engaged throughout and followed instructions perfectly" Mrs Bateman - Aston Clinton School

Popular Autumn Term Workshops...

  • The Great Fire of London. DRAMA - travel back in time to 1666 to meet Thomas the baker. Perform as people affected by the fire.
  • Bollywood Dance - learn and perform Indian cultural dance moves
  • African Dance - learn and perform African cultural dance moves
  • Anti-Bullying DRAMA -perform different types of bullying, explore why people bully, how to stop bullying, and how children feel when bullying occurs
  • Black History DRAMA - explore the main ideas of segregation, leading change and unity through performing teamwork and empathy
  • Any many more...

Animate Dance

During an animate dance session, children will be immersed in the culture of their chosen dance style. The will learn rhythm, musicality and dance technique, before putting all of their new movement skills together to create a spectacular and physical dance performance

Animate Drama

Create and build characters with Animate Drama. Use imagination to role-play with narratives whilst building teamwork skills and exploring exciting and educational topics


Animate workshops are a great way to support and explore educational topics through dance and drama  practice.

During an Animate School Workshop ... Zelia , your Performing Arts Education Specialist will visit your school and deliver themed performing arts activities based on the educational topic of your choice.​

One day or half dayworkshops can add a WOW factor to enhance and support any educational topic or event. Children can even develop a performance based on what they have learned and present it at the end of the day. The day or half day of workshops can be split to accommodate various classes and topics, as well as to fit around your school’s timetable.

Cross-Curricular Classes

Regular weekly classes are great for enhancing creativity in the curriculum, enriching and extending the school's learning experiences, and to cover PPA. Animate topic-based classes make learning come alive. With educational performing arts activities, children an learn dance from around the world or role-play events in history and literature. Children will actively engage with each other and with subject matter through an exciting performing arts experience. Embodied knowledge and experience learning is at the heart of every session that let schools and young people take an active role in discovering the world around them, week after week.

Animate Me! Classes

These are regular classes that focus purely on building performance skills and transferable skills. Children will develop emotional awareness, teamwork, spatial and body awareness, musicality, and character skills, as well as presentation skills and confidence. Animate Me! classes are designed to offer a creative forum for expression, to encourage young people to believe in their potential, and to make children come alive. Cross curricular classes also offer these skills with a focus on curriculum topics.

LAMDA Tuition

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts' graded examination improve communication skills, increase self confidence and develop strong social skills. Tutoring available in Acting, Verse and Prose, Devising and Public Speaking.


Equip staff at your school with the necessary skills to bring creativity into the classroom . Ensure that children are taking an active and imaginative role in their learning with Animate creative games and  activities. This INSET is tailored to your school's needs, and will leave you with the tools to confidently lead and facilitate creative education, to support and enhance various curriculum topics, and to make learning come alive.