Children's Parties

Has your child got a birthday coming up? Is your child a beautiful princess or brave superhero, or perhaps the next dance superstar? You can have the character of your choice to entertain and host your child's party.

During Animate children's parties, children go on an amazing adventure to a world of imagination, whilst learning exciting dance, drama and singing skills. Our Animate parties led by Zelia are guaranteed to bring bundles of energy and keep children fully engaged and having fun!!

All Animate children's party characters and activities are themed and tailored to your child's interests, ensuring that your child and their friends have the best day ever!

Age 5-7 Animate Adventure

Within your child’s chosen theme, your child and their friends will enjoy interactive drama games whilst also learning dance, theatre and singing skills, as they explore and take part in an exciting narrative adventure. Animate Adventure Parties focus on imagination and creative play through the magic of performing arts.

Age 7+ Performance Production

Within your child’s chosen theme, your child and their friends can be the stars in their very own production! They will learn and perform a spectacular dance, drama, or singing production. They will also take part in fun games and exercises that will get them ready for the spotlight, before performing their production at the end of the party. Animate Performance Production Parties focus on confidence and performance skills through fun performing arts practice that will let your child shine

Popular Party Themes...


Pirates / Mermaids



Outer Space

Once upon a time...

Let's Dance

Lights Camera Action

Musical Theatre Madness

Or choose your own theme... Whatever your child's interests, Animate can deliver fun activities and games that make your child's imagination come to life!

Times & Prices...

Available Saturdays, Sundays, Weekdays after school hours, and through school holidays

1 hour entertainment  from £110

1.5 hours entertainment / hosting from £140

2 hours entertainment / hosting from £170


Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness is the easy to follow cardio burning dance fitness workout that's taking the world by storm! With high-energy latin beats and other world music, you can dance your way to a fitter and more vibrant you! Zelia is a certified Zumba Instructor, I can deliver Zumba class events for businesses and parties. To find out more about Zumba and how you can enjoy Zumba Fitness with Zelia just take a look at the Zelia Zumba Facebook Page